Seal the Deal from Anywhere

Digital Document Storage and Signature

Ditch the scanner and over-stuffed filing cabinets. Easily collect online rental applications and legal eSignatures from any device, at any time.

Experience Modern Leasing

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Superior Security

When you utilize electronic signatures, you go the extra mile to guarantee that all rental documents are safeguarded against unauthorized access.

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Unlimited Storage

Sign and store as many legally-binding leases and rental documents as you need at no additional charge. Quickly access your documents when you need them, not after 30 minutes of sifting through stacks of papers.

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Reduce Vacancies

Signing your leases digitally eliminates the hassle of coordinating schedules to meet for in-person signing. Free your schedule to fill more units in less time.

Create and Save Custom Document Templates


Your property is unique to you, and your lease should be unique to your property. The straightforward Lease Wizard tool will auto-fill your chosen elements into your documents directly from the information you've provided on your CreditLink account. Add custom pet policies, guest rules, state-specific addendums, and more!

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Be your own Property Management Team

Rent, Deposit, & Fees

Set the monthly rent amount, security deposit, and any additional fees. Turn on automatic rent reminders for you tenants so they never miss a payment!

Lease Specifics

Confirm the terms of tenancy with all parties, including guidelines for community areas, parking spots, and visitor rules.

People on the Lease

List all tenants and responsible parties, as well as their contact information. Define your stance on subletting, and add or remove roommates with ease.

Pets, Smoking, & Insurance

Fully define your smoking and pet policies. Set weight and breed restrictions, and highlight outdoor areas safe for smokers.

Utilities, Keys, & Services

Who is charged with upkeep of the property? Clearly state which services and utilities the tenant is responsible for, and which you will be taking care of yourself.

Additional Terms

Addendums unique to your area are automatically available to add when building each lease. Add in rules and provisions specific to your rental property with no fuss.

Upload and Store

Already have your own perfect lease? In mere seconds, upload your current lease to your dashboard to use as you need it!

Free Legal Documents and Templates

Applications to rent, Notice of Adverse Action, Roommate Agreements and more

Manage documents

Easily manage your created or uploaded documents directly from your dashboard. Indicate which team members or tenants have access to view and manage as well.

How It Works

Once your tenant has filled out the rental application and has been screened and accepted, it's time to move them in digitally!

  1. Select your vacant property from your dashboard and invite your applicants to sign in. Signing in will give accepted applicants access to their ready-to-sign documents.
  2. Select a stored lease template, or create a new lease for this property with the Lease Wizard. Set up the rent amount, pet and smoking policies, deposits, utilities and fees and more.
  3. Preview the finished lease prior to signing and sending to make sure everything looks correct.
  4. Send the lease to the tenant to be signed, and get notified upon completion.
  5. Track the status of each signature and easily re-send email notifications to tenants directly from your property dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are E-Signatures legally binding? Online leasing combines the integrity of a traditional paper lease with the convenience of modern technology. Electronic Signatures are legally binding, and fully enforceable. Additionally, in June of 2000 the ESIGN Act was digitally signed into law by Congress. The E-Sign Act allows the use of electronic signatures where previously they were required in writing, provided the involved parties have consented to use an electronic signature. What is an E-Signature? An electronic signature is a secure and simple way to legally sign a digital document. It is the digital version of the traditional handwritten signature. E-signatures are backed by technology that ensures the authenticity of both the signers and the signatures themselves. This secure technology also preserves the integrity of the documents. Does CreditLink's Lease Wizard adhere to state-specific rental laws? Yes! Our comprehensive database of state-specific addendums and laws is updated and maintained consistently to ensure that you are covered and are being compliant with both your state’s rental laws and federal rental laws. What are the benefits of using e-Sign over traditional signatures? First and foremost, e-signatures accelerate workflows by minimizing the time between rental application submission, tenant approval, and move-in. They eliminate the need to print, scan, and file away stacks of paper which has an added benefit of being environmentally friendly.