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Enjoy a stress-free renting experience with CreditLink's easy-to-use renter dashboard. Find your perfect home, complete your rental application securely, sign your lease digitally, set up rent Auto-Pay, and submit maintenance requests with ease

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With mobile payments, you can effortlessly pay your rent without the need for checks or stamps, and you can skip extra trips to the rental office. Turn on the Auto-Pay feature to ensure your rent is paid on time and securely, helping you to avoid any late fees.

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Enjoy a stress-free application process with our user-friendly software. Remove the risk of misunderstood handwriting and ensure your application is reviewed with the most precise information, giving you the best chance of securing your dream home.

Easily Report Maintenance Issues

Use your tenant portal to quickly submit maintenance requests. Simply log in, describe the issue in detail, and add photos for clarity. The property manager will be immediately notified and can then arrange for an expert to come out and take a look.

Pay for your credit report, free of surcharges.


Whether you're completing the full CreditLink rental application, or simply authorizing a credit check, Tenant Pay is the way to go. Tenant Pay enables you to authenticate and pay for your screening report directly. Once your payment has been received, your report is delivered to your landlord or property manager instantly, providing them with the information they need to approve you for your new home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Credit Check a Hard or Soft Pull? Our credit reports are considered a Hard Inquiry. Your Landlord or Property Manager is considered a lender, and has requested an official inquiry into your credit history to determine whether or not you pose a risk of non-payment. This official request will be recorded on your future TransUnion provided credit reports.

A 'hard hit' has the potential to remove up to 5 points off of your FICO score, however with the current FICO models, most inquiries within a 14 to 45 day period are grouped together as one inquiry. Additionally, the FICO model ignores inquiries made within 30 days of scoring. Regardless of how long your rental home search takes, your credit score should not be impacted by your rental credit checks during the process.
Do I need to pay a monthly fee? No! A CreditLink Tenant Account is free to use. The only charges you will incur are your application/screening fee, and monthly rent payments outlined in your lease agreement. Can I get a copy of my screening report? In the state of California, landlords are legally required to provide you with a copy of your report if asked and a screening fee was paid. We recommend checking with your local Landlord/Tenant laws for more information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that consumers are entitled to one free credit report each calendar year. How do I dispute the information on my report? If you find any errors on your credit report, it's easy to start a dispute through TransUnion's Dispute Center.
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