Expertly Manage Your Rental Properties

Experience a smoother rental management process with CreditLink. Our property maintenance software seamlessly integrates tenant screening, communication tools, and more so you can focus on what matters most - managing your properties with confidence.

Track Work Orders, Manage Vacancies, and Boost Efficiency with CreditLink

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Track & Manage Maintenance Requests

Make managing maintenance and repair requests a breeze by effortlessly integrating your go-to vendors into the platform, or explore and choose from our curated list of recommended vendors right in your neighborhood.

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Create Custom Leases

Our digital leasing office allows you to make custom state-specific leases anytime, anywhere, on any device. Forget the endless paperwork, manual entry, and coordinating in-person signings. The CreditLink toolbox makes it easy to customize, simplify, and manage your lease documents.


Collect Rent on Time

Let your renters set up their rent payments in advance, ensuring you always get paid on time. Simply confirm your account details, and that's it! Our service facilitates direct-to-account transfers, ensuring your funds are received on the same day.

Rent to a Tenant You Can Trust

Whether you've experienced an eviction firsthand or simply heard the tales from fellow property managers, finding the right tenant is key to a positive rental experience. Avoid the hassle of court costs and difficult individuals. Join the community of Landlords and Property Managers who rely on CreditLink to make wise, fair decisions in selecting the ideal tenant.

Manage your Team

Streamline team management and control access to properties by assigning specific roles and tasks to each member. Enhance your team's efficiency by clearly outlining roles and permissions. Control access to property leases, rental forms, communication with tenants, and more. Owners and Admins have the flexibility to adjust permissions at any time through their account settings.

Simple Communication

The mix-ups from using different communication methods like emails, texts, and loose post-it notes can be avoided. Streamline your communication by getting your team, and tenants onto one messaging platform, which will boost efficiency and foster a more unified, productive work environment. This means messages are clear, responses are quick, and everyone is on the same page.

Trusted Reporting

Don't settle for outdated or incomplete reports. Make smarter tenant choices with CreditLink's comprehensive screening powered by TransUnion and Cleara. Access real-time credit reports, in-depth background checks, and eviction history, all delivered in a clear, easy-to-read format for confident decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Maintenance Software?

Property Maintenance Software is a valuable tool used to efficiently oversee and organize rental properties. This software allows landlords and property managers to screen tenants, create leases, designate work orders, and much more. Property Management Software integrates all of the main tasks of managing a property into one easy-to-use place to simplify your life.

What features should I look for in a property management software?

When choosing a rental property software, always be sure to choose the software that solves your daily problems, and provides the essential features you need to run your business smoothly. The most important features to look for are, of course, tailored to your specific business. However you should always make sure that the following essential features are included when shopping around: comprehensive tenant screening, custom legal lease creation, simple landlord-tenant communication, e-signatures, and rent collection if necessary.

Will I need to download anything?

No! CreditLink's features are entirely cloud-based, and can be accessed from any device and in any location. Simply memorize your secure log-in, and experience the freedom to manage your rental properties from abroad or the comfort of your own living room.