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Find the best quality tenants for your property within minutes! A great rental experience starts with having the right tenant, and finding the right tenants starts with effective screening.

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In-depth credit history reports direct from TransUnion are available to review and download instantly, at any time and from any smart device.

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Screening your tenants leads to excellent savings by reducing tenant turnover rate, and by preventing costly evictions and repairs. Screen your tenants now to avoid eviction headaches later.

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With Tenant Pay, each rental applicant authorizes and pays for their comprehensive screening report. If you've already collected a fee, or would rather pay for the reports yourself, you can toggle this feature with the click of a button. The Tenant-Pay feature is free with all CreditLink Accounts, and will automatically process the "CreditLink Classic" Deep Background Investigation on each potential tenant.

Full Credit History w/FICO Score

A comprehensive credit report from TransUnion, complete with the renter's FICO score. Gain a total overview of your applicant's financial history, including all trade lines, credit history, collections, payment history and more!

National Criminal Records

A detailed national criminal background check shows you all criminal convictions from the most comprehensive and accurate nationwide databases. The report scours the National Sex Offender Registry, Most Wanted databases, 46 state Criminal Databases, and over 35 Federal Databases.

National Housing Court Records

A nationwide search through FCRA compliant databases to view an applicant's eviction related proceedings. All reports include tenant judgments, unlawful detainers, failure to pay rent, writs and warrants of eviction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tenant Screening?

Tenant Screening is the process of evaluating a potential tenant before accepting their application to rent your property. Tenant Screening typically consists of looking into the applicant's credit history, rental history, criminal record, housing history, employment status and more. Manual tenant screening can be time-consuming and often will not capture the whole picture; using property management software is an efficient and reliable way to ensure you're doing your due diligence.

Why should I screen my tenants?

Landlords and Property Managers should always screen their tenants for security and peace of mind. Obtaining credit and background checks will help you to assess the likelihood that the tenant will fulfill the terms of the lease or rental agreement, and how likely they are to take excellent care of your property.

For instance, if an applicant has a history of credit card debt, this may indicate that they have trouble making payments on time, which is a big issue when rent is due each month.

What are the Benefits of Tenant Screening?

Through thorough tenant screening, you reduce your financial risk substantially. Tenant Screening allows you to identify the residents who are most likely to pay rent on time, and least likely to need to be evicted. Additionally, obtaining a background report will shed light onto any criminal history within the past 7 years.

After receiving a screening report, you should know:
  • If the tenant has a history of late payments at other properties.
  • If the tenant has any frozen accounts or open collections.
  • If the tenant will fit safely into your community.
By trusting the tenant screening process, you are ensuring that you have your rent in hand on time each month, your property is less likely to be damaged, and that you won't have to spend precious time and money fighting with processing evictions for problem residents.

What should I look for in a Tenant Screening Report?

The most important item to check is a tenant's credit history. This will confirm that the social security number the applicant provided is valid, and will identify aliases and previous addresses that are associated with an applicant. A Credit Report typically covers liens, previous bankruptcies, and collections. A Credit Report from CreditLink will also show you the renter's pattern of payments on open and closed lines of credit.

Many shrewd landlords and property managers will also check the Eviction history or potential Criminal Background of their prospective tenant to verify information willfully provided, or to preemptively safeguard their community and property. CreditLink is here to help ensure that you avoid the risk of needing to evict by providing the information necessary to choose the right tenants for your properties.