Essential Summer Checklist: Keep Your Rental Thriving

How to efficiently keep your rental cool this summer

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Summer is just around the corner! As the days get longer and the weather warms, savvy landlords know it's prime time to get their rentals ready for the busy season. Why wait? Here are 5 proactive steps you can take right now to ensure your property is in top shape and attracts high-quality tenants all summer long.

1. Check on Your Insulation

While insulation is often associated with winter warmth, it's equally crucial in the summer. Proper insulation acts like a shield, keeping hot outdoor air out and cool indoor air in. This translates to two major benefits: increased comfort for your tenants and reduced cooling costs for you. By investing in good insulation, you'll ensure a happy and comfortable living environment for your tenants while saving money on your energy bills.

2. Change the Direction of Ceiling Fans

If your rental lacks air conditioning, ceiling fans are your budget-friendly friend. But remember, proper rotation makes a big difference! During summer, ensure your ceiling fans are circulating cool air effectively. For most fans, this means setting them to rotate counter-clockwise. This creates a downward airflow that provides a cool breeze for your tenants, keeping them comfortable without cranking up the AC and, in turn, the electricity bill.

3. Inspect the Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system watering your property, it's crucial to ensure it's in top shape. Check the valves for any leaks or damage, and clear away any debris that might block the sprinklers. Don't forget to test the water pressure to make sure it's operating efficiently. A well-maintained sprinkler system keeps your lawn healthy all summer long without wasting water.

4. Clean Air Conditioners

To ensure peak efficiency and lower energy bills, consider cleaning your air conditioner before the hot season kicks in. While some tasks might require a technician's expertise, many cleaning steps are DIY-friendly. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy offers helpful tips to guide you through the process (link included). By tackling this proactive maintenance, you'll keep your tenants cool and comfortable all summer long, all while saving money on energy costs.

5. Reduce Heat-Emission

The summer heat might be out of your control, but you can manage the heat inside your rental. Swap out incandescent bulbs for LED or fluorescent alternatives - they generate less heat and keep things cooler. Regular appliance cleaning can also make a big difference. A clean dryer vent and dust-free area behind the fridge help these hardworking appliances function efficiently, reducing heat output.

By following these tips, you'll create a more comfortable summer environment for your tenants and avoid the potential for major repairs down the line. This proactive approach benefits both you and your tenants by reducing the need for major repairs in the hottest months of the year.

Created on: 05/08/24

Author: CreditLink Secure Blog Team

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